10 Jul

The performance of a company greatly depends on the communication systems. The quality of a service that the company offers will greatly depend on how good the communication is. Phone systems have developed with new inventions that are bringing about new tech. Although it can be difficult to integrate this new technology, the results are rewarding. The latest tech in phone systems is the use of IP phones. Using this technology has many advantages, a few of which have been explained below.

IP telephone systems have a major advantage over the POTS base PBX with a T-1 line configuration.  The IP phones are very flexible. You can use them along with existing systems. Being SaaS deployments, the above-stated features is made possible.This feature allows you to integrate your phone system with powerful applications such as customer databases email and SMS operations. As a result, your employees and clients have a better and more efficient communication link. This will increase the value of service and customer satisfaction.

An increase in employees will prompt the need for a larger communication infrastructure. Such a step will need you to install new lines for every new employee. You won't have to do all that with the new phone systems. Adding a new line is done online and the process is no more than a few clicks. This feature of the IP telephone systems makes it able to scale along with the growth of the company.

The communication ecosystem of a company can include legacy and hardware like fax machines and credit card readers. The IP PBX System will be able to sync with these systems.You'll be able to receive faxes via email. The main effect that will be felt due to the installation of phone systems is a change in the speed of communication. In addition to this, the IP  telephone system will not cause any major changes.

There shall be an upgrade in the bandwidth and data usage during communication when these new phone systems are used. Sometimes there is silence in conversations hence using up bandwidth that might have been otherwise more productive. Voice Activation Detection software in IP phones ensures that when there is silence, the data is compressed to save bandwidth.

The greatest benefit of using these Office Telephone System is the cheaper cost of communication. Their installation and maintenance can be done by in-house network engineers and they don't require hardware or feature updates. Through the use of SIP, companies will only pay for the data they use during transmission. Ip telephone systems allow you to make international calls at a cheaper cost.

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