10 Jul

The name which is used to refer to various types of technologies that use IP packet-switched connections to exchange fax or voice or any other type of communication through dedicated circuit connections of a public switched network is the IP PBX System.  

It is the time for any business person who is savvy enough to understand the great revolution that has been brought about by the IP telephony. This is a system that makes it possible to transfer information signals in video form, audio form, and either wired or wireless voice.

The writer of this piece focuses on key benefits that you can reap from using IP telephone system into your business.

The top benefits of the IP telephony is converging various branches, locations or departments into a converged network such that you can have different mobile workers work converged into a single network. The awesome thing about IP telephony service is it offers very innovative and custom made solutions that suit all your business communication needs. This is the reason why it is a perfect investment to any business out there.

As a cautious business person, you must be ever looking for sagacious ways that you can apply to bring down the overall cost of operation and also the intimidating approaching of sourcing a certain service from a single vendor. IP telephony is far much cheaper than the tradition telephone system. On top of this, as a customer, you are also at liberty to select SIP provider or vendor of your choice meaning that you are not locked in like it is in the case of the analog phone systems which needed costly extensions as well as hardware to support the modern features.

IP telephony is also known to improve the overall efficiency of your business communications. This is made possible because all data, as well as voice communication, are converged in a very reliable platform. This system allows conference calling between remote locations as well as between offices.

It is also possible to hold video conferencing, video telephone and also integrate IP telephone  to a CRM software because with VPN you can still use phone extension even when you are out if the office. The GUI interfaces which are web-based, make your phone system simpler to manage, reducing the time required for training and enhancing the overall worker productivity.  

The IP telephony system can also increase flexibility as well as the mobility of the business. This is because there are Wi-Fi IP phones which you can remotely use without necessarily connecting them with wires or to the electricity. This means that you don't have to depend on the traditional telephone infrastructure for you to receive calls when you are in remote locations. Check out - Avaya Phone

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